State of Homelessness

The State of HomelessnessThe fastest growing population of the homeless today is single parent, female-headed families who live on the streets or in temporary shelters. Families comprise at least 40% of the homeless in large metropolitan areas. The average homeless family is composed of a young, single mother and two children under age six. At least half of the homeless women are employed (or employable) but do not earn sufficient wages to support themselves and their children. Reasons for homelessness vary and include lack of social support systems. In addition, due to the economic downturn causing job loss and subsequent home loss, shelters are seeing an overall increase in those seeking help.

- 37% of the homeless are veterans
- 72% of The Union Mission clients are employed
- 89% of the homeless are men, 11% are women
- 81% of homelessness was caused by the economy
- In 2011 The Union Mission Ministries provided shelter to 2,210 individuals, averaging 225-300 people daily
- Jan. 2012 Norfolk Point in Time Count reported 536 homeless men, women and children (82% male, 18% female). Virginia Beach Point in Time Count reported 427 homeless men, women and children.

Association of Gospel Rescue Missions – 2011 Annual Snapshot Survey (114 Missions participated)
• One in five people experiencing homelessness
• (21%) have been victims of physical violence
within past 12 months – 6% increase over 2010
• 35% first time homeless
• 86% single individuals
• 52% women with children are most frequently served family unit

Homeless Individuals Surveyed
- 50% white males
- 74% over the age of 30
- 67% suffer from addiction
- 30% have some kind of mental illness with breakdown of family support
- 27% chronically homeless
- 24% experienced homelessness three or more times before
- 35% homeless for first time
- 14% veterans
- 25% of veterans served in Vietnam
- 82% of all individuals prefer to receive services from an agency with a spiritual focus
Source: Snap Shot Survey – AGRM