Shelter, Care & Feeding

Shelter, Care, & FeedingThe Union Mission Ministries is dedicated to serving God by serving the humblest of His people, the poor and the homeless. Physical needs are met through a hot meal, a warm bed, clean clothing and a safe place to lay one’s head. Job and life skills counseling is provided, restoring dignity and self respect. Once physical needs are met, the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ is shared through the Gospel, and people find hope for a better future.


Shelter, Care, & FeedingMen’s Shelter – Since 1892
5100 E. Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23502

Emergency/Guest Program – Provides beds, meals, clothing, shower, laundry facilities, emotional and spiritual counseling for men suffering from addiction, mental illness, loss of job, and strained home and family relationships.

SRO (Single Resident Occupancy) – For those who have graduated from our Discipleship and Training Program (or those residents who have been unable to find permanent housing) rooms, based upon availability, may be offered at a low rent adding another step toward independent living.

For information contact Will Crawley, Men’s Shelter Administrator at (757) 627-8686, Ext. 231.

Shelter, Care, & FeedingWomen and Children’s Shelter – Since 1983
5100 E. Virginia Beach Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23502

2011 Survey- Women and children are the fastest growing population of homeless today.

Emergency/Guest Program – Provides beds, meals, clothing, shower and laundry facilities, spiritual counseling for single women and mothers with children suffering from abuse, addiction, mental illness, loss of job, and strained home and family relationships.

When long-term housing is found, the ministry provides furniture and household goods to give them a fresh start.

For Information call (757) 627-8686
Single Women – Ext. 331
Women with Children – Ext. 335

Shelter, Care, & FeedingDay Centers

Day Centers in the Men’s and Women and Children’s Shelters provide a place for guests to remain in the shelter during the day while meeting with caseworkers to assess needs and assist them with a plan for their future. The centers also provide a place for shelter guests to meet with community agencies such as Virginia Employment, Legal Aid, The Veterans Administration and The Community Service Board (Mental Health) to assist them with specialized services.

Shelter, Care, & FeedingHope Haven Children’s Home – Since 1965
3000 North Landing Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Hope Haven Children’s Home provides a loving Christian home for children from troubled families. Christian houseparents provide family structure while ministering to the physical and emotional needs of the children. Hope Haven is one of the few remaining family modeled Children’s Homes in Virginia.

Since its founding, more than 350 children have lived at Hope Haven during a time of need. Many Hope Haven alumni have attended college and four serve on the staff of the ministry.

For information contact Frank White, Children’s Home Administrator, at (757) 427-1500.