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Alexander White dropped out of school in the 11th grade and left home at seventeen. He never married or had children, but says, “I got along ok.” He supported himself working as a concrete finisher, but never had a home of his own. He lived on and off with his aunt, with friends and on the street. He admits he drank too much but “I never did drugs.” One day about a year ago he was with some friends at a fast food restaurant. They left to go to the bus stop. Remembering something he wanted to tell them, “I ran back across the parking lot to catch them and ran into two steel rods sticking up out of the ground. I knew something was really bad and went to the doctor.” They put him in the hospital and removed two toes from his left foot and the big toe on his right foot. He stayed in the hospital for four weeks. When he was released he stayed with his aunt for a while but he knew he needed to find someplace to go. Some friends told him about The Union Mission.

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